Rap TOP 10 | Love and SEX songs

Despite the fact that there were numerous conflicts among rap artists, they had agreed the songs have to be nasty to keep up with the public. There are plenty of songs dedicated to love and is a beautiful thing, but sometimes, you just need to hear some raps that go straight to the point like in the videos pornohirsch with a sharp and well-defined focus.

There aren’t any hard guidelines for making a great sex jam. And we’re not judging on how you’re trying to get down, as long as everything’s consensual and everyone is happy. Though rap has always been dominated by men, a quick look at this short playlist should make it abundantly clear just how far from a “guy thing” rapping about sex actually goes.

In hip-hop culture, the term rap refers to rhyming couplets, usually delivered over a beat. In some cases, rappers may use the rhyme scheme of traditional poetry, although most hip hop lyrics are written in what is called freestyle verse, where no set pattern or meter is followed. Hip hop artists typically write their own verses, though sometimes they collaborate with producers, songwriters and/or other performers.

Rap music itself evolved from rhythm and blues and soul music. By the 1960s, the term rap had entered common parlance, initially describing a style of vocal delivery characterized by rapid-fire speech patterns. The term soon came to refer specifically to the type of rapid-fire rhyming spoken by African American male MCs (rappers), and eventually to the musical genre that developed around those words.

So, here we have for you today a list of the 10 best rap songs of today so that you can eventually let your imagination run wild and maybe even get lucky with your better half!

The TOP 10

  1. Lil Wayne: “Lollipop”
  2. Bando Jonez: “Sex You”
  3. Janet Jackson: “No Sleep”
  4. Leisure: “All Over You”
  5. Everydayz & Phazz: “Trappe d’Amour”
  6. Men Without Hats: “The Safety Dance”
  7. Usher: “That’s What It’s Made For”
  8. Lana Del Rey: “Young and Beautiful”
  9. Beck: “Sexx Laws”
  10. Rihanna: “Sex With Me”