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Callin Me f/ 112
I live the life of a celebrity 
A made nigga way bigger than them other cats you 
love to see 
Lil Zane (112) 
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 
It's like I been doin a lot of interviews 
Just people be callin my name everywhere, "Hey zane!"
see what I mean? 
(so crazy life's so, crazy) 

I live the life of a celebrity 
I made nigga way bigger than them other cats you
 love to see 
I'm getting paid like im supposed to 

My homies call me on my mobile wanna hang we still 
close too I switched positions with them cold cats 
I write raps, make millions like that 
I like that (hey yeah) really never was a rich man 
A rubber band for a wrist band 
Got dough and had to switch plans 
Trouble still don't stop 
The freeway getting chased by some bad missies 
wanting autograph pictures(oohh) 
They want my name tattooed on them 
thinkin for a minute hit that ass make a move on them 
Hey! hennessey with the chardonnay, mix it 
I put the trees in the ??, twist it (whooaa yeah) 
A true player smoking purple hair 
Two shots in the air for my true thugs out there 
(This life I live of mine) 

Chorus: 112, (Lil' Zane) 
This life I live of mine(yeah) 
This life is crazy(yeah) 
I gets no time at all(ahuh) 
They won't stop calling me(its goin down baby) 
This life I live of mine(yeah) 
This life is crazy(yeah ahuh) 
I gets no time at all 
They won't stop calling me(ugh) 
Calling me, calling me, calling me, (Hey Lil' Zane) 
say my name 
Calling me, calling me, calling me, (Hey Lil' Zane)
 say my name! 

Let me explain what the game is like 
I did a show in california had to be in Las Vegas
 the same night Me and 112 on the same flight 
and getting tired 
It aint easy being worldwide (worldwide, worldwide,
 worldwide) I seen murder come with fame in this rap
Gotta stay straped if you rap so i pack thangs 
All my dogs pack thangs 
Aand plus we love to ball 
Dont want no problem with you homie I mean none at all 
(not at all) 
And to my rich cats with them big faced bills in the air 
My po' cats more sex to you there 
Love green millionaires 
Been all around the world 
Turned the squares into true players 
Cheap watched us turn to cardiers 
Locals turned to gators 
Point 3's turn to 5 c's all these car keys 
Jump in the benz hit the ?? bar (this life I live) 
You know they love to see a hot star 

Chorus: Lil' Zane w/ variations 

And for my dogs I ain't seen in awhile 
I still got love for y'all ain't got a chance to
 return your call I'm in chicago 
I'm getting paid man bigger figgas everywhere that
I go I'm still hearing about drama poppin in the hood 
Heard everybody doing good and i like that 
Irv said y'all got the block locked 
He tell me K and big Chris driving drop tops 
Flossing I'm getting letters hard to write back 
Put a fly picture in the mail hope they like that 
Prayin that the fame don't kill us all 
The magazines to the big screens 
He ain't easy as the shit seems 
Throwin up my dueces as a pass by 
Showing love to the southside all the players outside 
And we gon' spend g's tonight 
Hotels on me shits green tonight 

Chorus to fade with variations















































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